Feb. 26, 2021

#015 (EN) Wyatt Miller

#015 (EN) Wyatt Miller

Wingfoil brand manager at Slingshot

Wyatt Miller is not only a pro windsurfer but also a windsurf and wing brand manager at Slingshot. In this episode we cover a ton, we talked about the first wing that he ever say at Slingshot, how his first session ever went, where the industry is heading, how the Slingwing V1 differs from V2 and much more. We deep dived into the background story of the Spencer brother's first backflip because Slingshot is the official sponsor of Jeffery and Finn Spencer.

You can find Wyatt Miller on Instagram: @wyattmiller525

You can watch the whole episode also on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ivav5lphfG4

Videos for this episode and others are on my Youtube Channel: Daniel Graffe

Looking forward to see you there.