March 12, 2021

#017 (EN) Adrian Kerr, Kitesurf365 Podcast

#017 (EN) Adrian Kerr, Kitesurf365 Podcast

What a Kitesurf Podcast Host Thinks About Wingfoiling

Adrian Kerr is the host of the kitesurf365 podcast and the megapod, both podcasts are on the platform and Adrian and his co-host Colin recently mentioned this podcast in one of there episodes. That was reason enough for me to get in touch with Adrian and to ask him how the kitesurfing scene currently looks at wingfoiling.

We also covered some of the questions Adrian had on how to get started in wingfoiling if you are already a decent kitesurfer and kitefoiler.

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Videos for this episode and others are on my Youtube Channel: Daniel Graffe

Looking forward to see you there.