March 19, 2021

#019 (EN) Sam Aben

#019 (EN) Sam Aben

How to ride and start on small volume boards

Sam Aben is a 17-year old Dutch allround rider (big air, kite wave, wing and kite foil racing) who aspires to go to the 2024 Olympics in kite foil racing. As a f-one and Manera rider who is going to finish his highschool his year he want's to dedicate his gap year completely to his training for the Dutch Olympics campaign.

In this episode we talked about why riding small volume boards (below 38 liters) is so addictive, how to waterstart on a small board, what to do and not to do if you have to self rescue and many other wingfoil topics.

We also talked about his mindset regarding competitions, a winning mentality and his training for the Olympics.

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