Aug. 13, 2021

#030 (EN) Julian Glatz & Frank Rudzik, Do It Yourself E-Foil

#030 (EN) Julian Glatz & Frank Rudzik, Do It Yourself E-Foil

How To Build Your Own DIY E-Foil

In this episode I want to learn how to build an efoil myselft at home. A commercial efoil from companies like Lift or Flite are 10.000 to 15.000€ BUT the do it yourself (DIY) approach of Julian and Frank is below 1.800€ total cost (including the foil, which I already own as a wingfoiler :D).

Wingfoiling is awesome but being able to foil without wind over a completely calm lake is something that I want to experience soon.

Here are the resources and videos mentioned in this episode:

The video of Frank & Julian on their rifle case DIY efoil is on Youtube:

Here you can find all the details about their built on

The Australian brand regarding the SUP-foil attachment drive mentioned in the podcast is:

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