The stoke about wingfoiling (wingsurfing) is real and in this podcast we are all about our new favourite sport. We interview your beloved instagram wingfoilers and ask them all your questions. How do you get started? What should you buy? Where can you wingsurf? Who is who? We cover all your questions and we share the stoke. If you want to reach out, please contact me via Instagram, @dgraffe. #GoWingIt Daniel

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About the Host

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Daniel Graffe

Podcast Host

Daniel Graffe is a passionate waterman and host of the very first wingfoil podcast world wide.

Growing up landlocked he started windsurfing as a teenager and transitioned into kitesurfing as he became more and more spoiled about the windsurf conditions he would like to sail in. Kitesurfing was a new opportunity and opened up a whole new universe of surf ahead. Learning to surf and to stand-up paddle was fun for Daniel but acutally did not help him to overcome the fact that he is still landlocked and not much surf is happening at his homespots that are sidearms of river Rhine and little lakes nearby.

When windfoiling showed up he quickly realized that this would be the game changer for his homespots that made the surf feeling accessible for many days of the year.

He is now sharing his stoke in the wingfoil experience podcast.